Take-over: Multicultural Ladies Night

Throughout a four-year project, Museum Prinsenhof Delft collaborates with various communities for The Delft Perspective. This year, each of these communities gets to take over the Van der Mandele Hall in the museum for a night of connection, inspiration, and activities! New Delft residents Daryna and Jason are kicking off the first take-over on December 1st. Inspired by the exhibition about Amalia van Solms, one of the most influential women of the 17th century, this event is shines light on different perspectives on beauty and strength through a multicultural lens.

Multicultural Ladies Night

by Daryna Hordiienko-Jones and Jason La Mard Jones
1 December 2022, 19:00 – 22:00
Museum Prinsenhof Delft

It’s time to live it up and let yourself shine! Enjoy multicultural beauty treatments and have your photo professionally taken, partake in the trivia quiz and quick tours through the world of Amalia van Solms, and meet other women from different backgrounds and lifestyles – with delicious drinks and bites.

19.30 Programme starts
19.40-20.30 – Beauty treatments (+/- 10 min. per treatment)
Henna hand-painting, shoulder massages, eyebrow threading and hair braiding
19.45-21.00 Quick tours (+/- 20 min. per tour) in NL, EN and UA.
20.10-21.50 Trivia quizzes
22:00 ending

Beauty traditions and specialists

  • Henna hand-painting by Rose Simran Leena: Henna is a natural dye that is used to paint beautiful patterns on people, used by many different cultures and often for festive occasions. Rose is 18 years old, lives in The Hague and has Hindu roots. She began noticing bridal henna when attending Hindu weddings. “I have always been looking for challenges and I started practicing with henna at home, by myself and on friends.” Since starting, she has created more brand awareness and now gets commissioned to paint henna at large meetings and events.
  • Shoulder massages by Thawita Khonsue: Thawita is originally from Chaiyaphum Isaan, in Northeast Thailand. She opened her own massage clinic in 2015. Before that, she was taught the art of traditional Thai massage, in Thailand. Since 2017, she has received three awards for her massage skills. She is an expert in understanding the underlying issues and relieving any pain and stiffness. “I am always very pleased when people give me feedback that my treatment helped them a lot.”
  • Eyebrow threading by Derya Tiryaki: Eyebrow threading is a form of epilation that removes hair with a string. Since this requires no touching of the eyebrows with hands, this is a very hygienic form of hair-removal. Derya is a mother of four, born in The Netherlands, of Turkish descent. She’s been doing this work for nearly 20 years, having started at the age of 17 because she felt like school didn’t suit her. She was already often cutting and epilating the hair of her family members. So she wanted to open a barbershop, and she did. “Beauty is very important to me as a woman, and I like it when I can make someone else feel beautiful too.”
  • Hair styling/braiding by Eva Ede: For centuries, African women have used hair braiding styles and patterns as a unique way of identifying their tribe, age, religion, and social and marital status. It’s a sacred art form that has been passed down through generations. Eva is a Nigerian culinary student who was given the gift of hair braiding by her mother and grandmother, both hair stylists. “In Nigeria, you don’t need a certificate to become a good hair stylist, because you learn from your family or your mentor, and they know exactly how to do it.” While Eva’s passion lies in the kitchen, she can’t get enough satisfaction from the look in her clients’ eyes when they see their braided hair.

Daryna & Jason
Daryna Hordiienko-Jones and Jason La Mard Jones are a married couple from Ukraine. Daryna, Ukrainian by birth, is well-known as a plus-size model, social influencer and event organizer. Additionally, she founded Ukraine’s first body positive community for women: Body Positive Ukraine. Due to both the nature of her work and the international travels it requires, the topic of diversity in beauty and strength is close to her heart. Jason, originally from the U.S., is a US Navy veteran who has devoted his life to helping other veterans and people in need. In the spring of 2022, unable to stay in Ukraine, they arrived in The Netherlands where they became involved with The Delft Perspective as if it were meant to be. Thanks to their creative, social, and organizational skills, they are the perfect team to make the very first Delft Perspective take-over a night to remember.

“We hope to inspire women to be the strongest versions of themselves, by giving them an exciting occasion to make new connections so they can lift each other up and create new opportunities.”

Exhibition Amalia. Ambition with Allure
A young Amalia van Solms, duchess of the German Solms-Braunfels, arrived in The Hague in 1621 through fate. Her marriage to steward Frederik Hendrik heightened her social status, but she herself formed her powerful position within the Republic. She knew exactly how to use her femininity and the magic of imagery to achieve ger goals, and she became one of the most influential women of the 17th century. Basically, she was an influencer long before Instagram. Discover the exhibit that inspired Daryna & Jason and dive into the world of a stateswoman with allure!

Photography and video-recording
During The Delft Perspective take-overs, photos and videos will be recorded. By attending, you are agreeing to use of this media by Museum Prinsenhof Delft and The Delft Perspective.

When: Thursday 01 December, 19.00 - 22.00 hr

Where: Museum Prinsenhof Delft