historical women

write the future by writing your history

History is not complete without the perspective of women. Although it is obvious, it does not yet go without saying. For that reason the Museum Prinsenhof Delft is directing its Delft Perspective at women this year.

We are looking at the past through new eyes by telling the stories of the women around William the Silent. And we will shed new light on subjects shared by women through the ages, such as love, success, motherhood and mourning. 

Between 3 June and 18 July 2021 we ventured into the city. We invite all women of Delft to share their stories. About what they want to pass on to the next generations, so together we can get a more complete picture of our times.

All shared stories of Delft women are published on this website. They will also be included in the collection of the Museum Prinsenhof Delft. Last but not least, your story, along with the other stories, will be the main inspiration for a new work of art that will be presented in the museum in December. Will we see you there?


Stories of historic women

Women such as Juliana van Stolberg, Emilia van Nassau and Charlotte de Bourbon preceded women today. Like us, they wrote about love, success, motherhood and grief. Find out more and getĀ inspired by their stories.

Meet historic women